You will receive free shipping if your location is in Zone One and your shopping cart contains at least $300.00 of standard items before applicable taxes. 

When you are ready to checkout, your shipping charges will be determined based on your location and the items in your shopping cart. 
To determine your shipping charges: 
  1. Select Proceed to Checkout 
  1. Select or add your shipping information and select Next 
Your zone and total shipping & handling charges will be listed. 

If your order does not qualify for free shipping: 
  • Your shopping cart may contain oversized items. Items that are oversized do not qualify for free shipping. 
  • The total of standard items may be below $300.00 before applicable taxes.  
  • Your location might be in Zone Two. Locations in Zone Two do not qualify for free shipping and shipping charges will be estimated at the time of checkout. 
  • A specific carrier is requested 
You will be contacted for approval if your shipping charges are higher than estimated. 

Shipping Zone One 

Locations that are easily served by shipping companies. Your zone will be listed in your shopping cart once your shipping information is added. 

Shipping Zone Two 

Locations that are not easily served by shipping companies or are very remote. Your zone will be listed in your shopping cart once your shipping information is added.  
Examples of remote locations are: 
  • Municipalities far from a shipping hub 
  • Locations that are not accessible by road 
Some items cannot be shipped to locations that are not accessible by road. We will ship to the closest land port, and you will be responsible for arranging a beyond carrier. You will be contacted at the time of order to set up delivery arrangements.