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Having an Organization Account makes the purchasing process for your organization easier. There are two types of webstore organization accounts available: Regular or Account Manager/Sub Account. 

Regular account allows for one purchaser to place an order through the Webstore. If your organization has several people who are involved in making purchases, an Account Manager/Sub Account is ideal for you! The account is set up with an account manager who creates one or more sub-accounts. The account manager: 
  • Chooses who can place orders on behalf of the organization 
  • Chooses who can authorize an order 
  • Chooses who can see special pricing 
  • Sets spending limits 
This workflow changes the manual process of order approval into a fast and efficient automated process that meets your unique organizational requirements! 

Would you like to open an organization account? Please call us at 1 888-517-8282 or email if you are interested in setting up your account with credit terms. 
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